Study on Marine Water Quality Parameters in Keluang Kecil River Estuary at Bukit Keluang, Terengganu

  • Nur Adiela Mohd Nasir
  • Nadzifah Yaakub


This study presents marine water quality status of river estuarine in Keluang Kecil River Estuary at Bukit Keluang. River estuarine water is classified in Class E in MWQI. In the subsequent MWQI with 0 to 100 scales, marine water quality at 0 will be described as “Poor” and 100 as “Excellent”. This study aims to determine water quality parameters and the water quality status of river estuarine by using Malaysia Marine Water Quality Index (MMWQI). In-situ and ex-situ analyses in this study were conducted for five sampling points that had been selected in the Keluang Kecil river estuary. In-situ parameters, dissolved oxygen (DO), pH, temperature, salinity and ammonia, were measured using YSI Professional Plus Series Multi-parameter during sampling. At the same time, water samples for total suspended solids, phosphate, nitrate and faecal coliform were collected and analysed in the laboratory using a standard procedure based on American Public Health Association (APHA), 2017 and HACH methods and then were compared with the Malaysia Marine Water Quality Standard (MMWQS). The average value of ammonia, nitrate, phosphate and TSS were not within the acceptable limit or standard value set by Department of Environment (DOE) except for dissolved oxygen and faecal coliform. Based on the one-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) result, there are significant differences (P < 0.05) in DO, pH, temperature, salinity, ammonia, TSS and FC in water between stations except for nitrate and phosphate. Marine Water Quality Index (MWQI) was measured for all the sampling stations (S1, S2, S3, S4 and S5) using a formula set by DOE (2019). The mean of MWQI for the Keluang Kecil river estuary measured was 43.45. Thus, the river estuary is classified as Poor (0 – 49). This study can maintain the marine water quality to conserve estuary biodiversity. This study was needed to prevent the possibility of water pollution and water quality can be monitored in that area in the future. The understanding of this study about water quality is to maintain the water quality and facilitate the management as actions can be taken by local authorities and other government agencies to maintain and improve the water quality and create boundaries and regulations that can bring back nature.

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Mohd Nasir, N. A., & Yaakub, N. (2021). Study on Marine Water Quality Parameters in Keluang Kecil River Estuary at Bukit Keluang, Terengganu. Journal Of Agrobiotechnology, 12(1S), 140-149.