Examining the Factors Impacting Consumer Online Purchasing Behavior During COVID-19 in Klang Valley

  • Irene Chew Business Administration, Veritas University College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Vincent Wee Eng Kim Business Administration, Veritas University College, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Keywords: Consumer Online Purchasing, Attitude, Trustworthiness, Security, Loyalty, Marketing Information and Covid-19.


The initial appearance of Covid-19 has changed the lives of billions of people in the world and has disrupted consumers purchasing behavior whether online or offline shopping.  The internet has given consumer empowerment where online shopping has been adopted by consumers globally. Customers can stay at home and shop with payment and get home delivery. This research aims to examine the factors impacting consumer online purchasing behavior in the retail business environment during Covid-19 in Klang Valley. This study focuses on five variables which are attitude, trustworthiness, security and safety, loyalty and marketing information and how these variables impact consumer online purchasing behavior during crisis period utilizing the Reasoned Action Approach Theory and Technology Acceptance Model Theory. The proposed research is designed based on quantitative model utilizing a questionnaire survey with a sample size of 405 online respondents.  The result can provide knowledge about consumer online purchasing behavior and all five variables are supporting the research findings especially marketing information on the website topping the list of the variables. Managerial and theoretical implications are important for businesses to adopt online channels and expand globally using the available technology especially social media channels.  The research presents several considerations towards consumer online purchasing behavior and future research should study other variables using different methodologies such as exploratory nature with interviews to understand the consumer behavior as consumer behave differently in different circumstances during pandemic. 


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