The Journal of Management Theory and Practice (JMTP) 2022-09-10T16:08:18+00:00 The Journal of Management Theory and Practice (JMTP) Open Journal Systems <p>The Journal of Management Theory and Practice is an online international journal for publishing high quality peer reviewed papers in the field of theoretical and applied management areas. The main objective of this journal is to exchange ideas about management sciences, marketing and business research and so forth. The subject areas include, but are not limited to project management, business strategy and policy, finance and accounting, tourism management, risk management and takaful, entrepreneurship, insurance, applied economics, and islamic finance.</p> The Effect of Sharia Compliance, Service Quality, Customer Trust, and Customer Satisfaction on Customer Loyalty of Islamic Rural Bank Customers in Indonesia 2022-09-10T15:59:18+00:00 Edi Santoso Rashidah Binti Mohamad Ibrahim <p>This study examines the effect of sharia compliance, service quality, customer trust and customer satisfaction towards customer loyalty on the customers of the Islamic People's Financing Bank in Central and East Java provinces in Indonesia. A total of 390 financing customers of Islamic Rural Banks (IRBs) were taken as samples using the cluster random sampling method. The analysis was performed using a factor-based structural equation model. The findings of this study have revealed that sharia compliance, service quality, customer trust and customer satisfaction have significant and direct effects on customer loyalty. The management of IRBs must take proactive actions in managing the Islamic banking transactions since sharia compliance, service quality, customer trust and customer satisfaction are vital determinants of the loyalty of IRBs customers in Indonesia.</p> 2022-07-16T12:48:43+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 The Journal of Management Theory and Practice (JMTP) Exploratory Factor Analysis of Advertising and Perceived Usefulness in the Context of Online Shopping 2022-09-10T16:00:41+00:00 Qaribu Yahaya Nasidi Muhamad Fazil Ahmad Adama Adamu Almansur Ado Sani <p class="Default" style="text-align: justify; background: #F7DD7D;"><span lang="EN-US" style="font-size: 10.0pt; font-family: 'Arial Narrow',sans-serif;">Exploratory factor analysis is a multivariate statistical approach used to create and validate questionnaire items. This research was designed and certified the instrument of advertising and perceived usefulness through exploratory factor analysis, and it is an application in the context of online shopping behaviour. The study examines two constructs: advertising (ADV) and perceived usefulness (PU). One hundred (100) respondents were selected through a simple random sampling procedure to participate and fill out the questionnaire. Based on the reliability test, this study set an instrument of ten items to develop the construct of advertising, while nine items were designed to construct perceived usefulness. The procedures for carrying out EFA for the two constructs are described in detail. Finally, future researchers can use the items by applying the instrument in different research fields. </span></p> 2022-07-16T13:27:37+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 The Journal of Management Theory and Practice (JMTP) Modelling Resilient Educational Leaders for Resilient Schools: Malaysian High Performing Primary School Head Teachers 2022-09-10T16:01:38+00:00 Hamidah Che Abdul Hamid Puspa Liza Ghazali <p>In this paper, we explore the modelling of resiliency among educational leaders which promote to resilient schools. The pandemic has a firmer grip on everybody and batters each of people more physically, mentally, and emotionally. Disruptions and change in daily activities caused by the pandemic have led to uncontrolled feelings of stress. Stress is, however, normal in daily life. It could stimulate creativity, promote diligent and increase performance. As a result, in most studies, the key to coping strategy is positive thinking which inhibit self-development. It is between being good stress and being positive thinking. They could have the best of intentions of spending their time on issues that matter most. The high performing head teachers have sustainable work done and they find ways to develop the resilience to focus their work from distractions. Resiliency is an absolute must keep people engaged, passionate, and committed to achieve challenging situations. This study lighted up effective ways on courage to support others. This study explored resilient factors and challenges of seven of high performing head teachers and two expertise from a few states in Malaysia. Based on the data collected through semi-structured interviews the study seeks to identify the positive relationship between resilience and positive school outcomes. The findings would provide useful ideas for head teachers in primary schools and future researchers. The concept associated to the leaders’ need to help resilient leaders thrive as individuals and as leaders in educational leaders’ resiliency.</p> 2022-09-07T12:34:43+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 The Journal of Management Theory and Practice (JMTP) Exploring The Dimensionality for Sustainable Food Waste Management Framework: A Pilot Study Approach 2022-09-10T16:02:30+00:00 Nik Rozana Nik Masdek Kelly Wong Kai Seng Nolila Mohd Nawi Juwaidah Sharifuddin Wong Wang Li <p>Sustainable food waste management practices at the source are directly dependent on household behavior. A valid and reliable instrument is needed to evaluate the sustainable food waste management (SFWM) research framework. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to propose a new SFWM framework on a pilot scale before starting the main research. A pilot study was conducted to evaluate the survey questionnaire’s usability and reliability. Respondents from 150 urban households in Klang Valley was surveyed using an online survey method. A detailed validation of the study constructs was done through the Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA), producing a usable final factor structure. The results confirmed the constructs have good reliability based on the Cronbach’s alpha values that ranges from 0.860 to 0.979. The results provide useful information on factors that could affect the behavioral intention of practicing SFWM in people’s daily life and may be adopted by future research on a larger scale. The article contributes to the body of research in this research context by describing the pilot test method and process. A proposed framework that integrates additional variables into a TPB-based theory was used for examining SFWM behavior outcome in a more comprehensive model. Other studies in the field were mostly conducted on food waste reduction behavior, but this study intends to close the gap of households’ intention to manage them sustainably. Besides providing a new framework for SFWM, the need for a pilot study is highlighted to achieve an improved research design, adding to the lack of literature on pilot studies in the sustainable food waste management context.&nbsp;</p> 2022-09-08T11:53:26+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 The Journal of Management Theory and Practice (JMTP) The Impact of Chief Audit Executive’s Leadership Style and Senior Management Support for Internal Audit Function on Corporate Governance Effectiveness with the Moderating Effect of Audit Committee Characteristics: Evidence from Yemen 2022-09-10T16:03:15+00:00 Abdulrahman Mohammed Al-yazidi Md. Faruk Abdullah Adeeb A. Alhebry <p>The objective of this paper is to determine the relationship between the Chief Audit Executive's (CAE) leadership style and senior management support for the internal audit function (IAF) as determinants of IAF quality and corporate governance (CG) effectiveness in Yemeni commercial banks. This article also investigates the extent to which the characteristics of the audit committee (AC) influence the link between CAE leadership style, support senior management for IAF, and CG effectiveness. The data was acquired using questionnaires delivered to respondents in Yemeni commercial banks, of which 158 valid questionnaires were obtained for analysis. Smart PLS 3 was used to analyse the data and test the hypotheses. The PROCESS macro approach was also utilised to evaluate the influence of AC characteristics on the association between CAE leadership style, senior management support for IAF, and CG effectiveness. An affirmative substantial correlation was found between CAE leadership style and senior management support for IAF, and CG effectiveness. Furthermore, the study found that AC characteristics favourably influence the association between CAE leadership style and CG effectiveness. However, AC characteristics do not alter the association between senior management support for the IAF and CG effectiveness. The findings improve the IAF's quality of determinants to enhance CG in developing countries, such as Yemen.</p> 2022-09-08T12:09:21+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 The Journal of Management Theory and Practice (JMTP) A Conceptual Paper of Managing Information System Resources for Agriculture Productivity 2022-09-10T16:03:48+00:00 Nurul Hanis Azrin Sabirin Noor Fadzlina Mohd Fadhil <p>Agriculture is the backbone of food production and a key component of a nation’s economic development. Rapid advancements in information technology (IT) have promised significant potential benefits, particularly for developing countries. Numerous prior studies have documented the success of IT applications in agriculture. However, regardless of its success, the transition has created many problems and challenges for farmers. Thus, this conceptual paper of a future study based on the review of literature explored information technology (IT) in agriculture, Resource Based-View (RBV) theory and Dynamic Capabilities (DC) perspectives. Despite the rapid growth of IT in agriculture, the usage and application of IT in this sector remain inadequate due to several issues in managing the area. Therefore, this conceptual paper suggests a model that could explain how the Information Systems (IS) resources of a local farming business in Malaysia are being managed to achieve agriculture productivity along with the perspective of DC. This&nbsp;paper then went on to examine the subject, concepts, and objectives for the upcoming study using a variety of works of literature from several disciplines. The findings of this prospective study may provide insight into how IT management in agriculture might be improved to fully utilise IT potential to boost agricultural productivity.</p> 2022-09-09T02:12:51+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 The Journal of Management Theory and Practice (JMTP) The Role of Index For Assessment In Business 2022-09-10T16:04:21+00:00 Anis Aniza Abdul Hadi Puspa Liza Ghazali Nik Hazimi Mohamed Foziah Roslida Razak Juliana Arifin <p>The role of index is important in chosen to build a new system analysing entrepreneurs' effectiveness for business development based on these characteristics of knowledge, connectivity and network, sustainable development, digital, knowledge, agility, innovativeness, and knowledge. Index statistics' principal function is to simplified potentially complex calculations. It became particularly handy for evaluating a large number of distinct output variable. Most economists can use index approach to determine prices, earnings, output, labour force participation, trade balance, and rising prices. This paper focus on the role of indexes for assessment in business from an involving participation. The professional and technical sectors, as well as the general media, utilise a variety of indexing or index numbers. A comprehensive index is particularly important for specialized texts since readers prefer to search up certain subjects rather than reading the information from beginning to end. This structural characteristic broadens the universe of options while also decoupling risk analysis in the business.</p> 2022-09-09T13:17:35+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 The Journal of Management Theory and Practice (JMTP) Effect of SME’s Businesses Falling in a Global Perspective with Development of the Business Model as a Tool for Overcoming the SME’s Business Challenges 2022-09-10T16:04:58+00:00 Ibrahim Suleiman Yahaya Aslan Bin Amat Senin Maryam M.B Yusuf Aisha Usman Gumel Ali Abdu Gwigwinyue <p>The research is the first of its kind that is aimed at finding the effect that leads SMEs’ not to survival since before the emerging of the global pandemic, which is the coronavirus that takes the life of million-plus across the world and also take over the jobs of more than five million individuals, which needed assistant. Many businesses collapse as the result of the pandemic which jobs were lost. The research focuses on analyzing the situation that leads to business bankruptcy SMEs contributed to the national and global economy as well as looking at the possible ways of overcoming the SME’s difficulties through government and private sector investments. Twenty (20) business owners both large and small and medium enterprise businesses were interviewed in other to find out business owners’ viewpoints and to collect data for the research transcription and analysis. The result shows that even before the arrival of the unprecedented situation that nations find themselves in, some SME’s are facing difficulties in growing their businesses as a result of a lack of business knowledge and orientation which lead to what we called today a business model, while some have the clear picture of their business model plans but lack support from the government as accessing fun to invest in the SME’s business is difficult. The research also gives clear suggestions to business owners and government agencies on how they can help in supporting the SME’s, we also highlight some agendas for future researchers where this research has its own limitations.</p> 2022-09-10T03:20:24+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 The Journal of Management Theory and Practice (JMTP) Pandemic to Endemic: A Review of Key Enablers of Small Medium Enterprise Resilience 2022-09-10T16:05:42+00:00 Zam Zuriyati Mohamas Juliana Abu Bakar Sharmeela-Banu Hatijah Mohd Salleh Khairunnisa Ishak <p>The existence of various COVID-19 variants from Delta to Omicron has led to speculation that the spreading of the virus will continue; hence, the endless battle to fight it persists. The uncertainties in its progress from pandemic to endemic, renders it necessary to understand the applied mitigation and adaptation strategies amongst SMEs to build their future resilience as they are vulnerable and have limited resources. This study aims to develop a conceptual framework of the key enablers of SMEs’ resilience during the pandemic. Specifically, these enablers will be examined from the point of view of strategies and capabilities. A reviewed research articles from the Scopus database has been conducted focusing on selected keywords in 2020 and 2021. The findings reveal that financial resources, government support, embracing digital technologies and changing business approach are the key enablers for SMEs’ resilience. This study further provides a unique snapshot of business decisions and expectations particularly during this pandemic. It is suggested for the policy makers to consider designing recovery aids as they contemplate the scale of the required interventions. Significantly, this study also explores and provides deep understanding on the survival strategies; adaptive strategies and dynamic capabilities of SMEs during the pandemic and most importantly it directs and points out their path, present and in the future.</p> 2022-07-16T13:07:13+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 The Journal of Management Theory and Practice (JMTP) Private Saving in Ghana: The Combined Efforts of Financial Development, Interest Rates, and Inflation 2022-09-10T16:06:20+00:00 Samuel Erasmus Alnaa Juabin Matey <p>Understanding private saving behaviour of the citizenry is crucial for informed policy decisions in an economy. The reason is not far-fetched; economies gain sustained growth from investment through saving. However, it does appear much of the available literature is on aggregate private savings rather than on private saving behaviour. This study updates the literature by looking at the combined effects of financial development, interest rate and inflation on private saving behaviour among Ghanaians. Data for the study were obtained from the World Bank Development Indicators between 1980 and 2019. We employed Johansen Cointegration Test; attempts are made to ascertain the existence of a long-run relationship among variables using the Vector Autoregressive (VAR) Model. The study confirms a significant positive relationship between private saving behaviour and financial sector development. This partly explains the relevance of deepening the financial sector through reductions in costs of performing transactions and initiating contracts to encourage private saving through improved propensity to save by the old and to rake in new entrants. A reliance on macroeconomic variables to forecast the behaviour of private saving enjoins policy decision makers to consider the implications of their decisions for private saving. Among the recommendations are, lower borrowing costs across the economy, resulting in increased investment and consumption spending, and hence economic recovery only in times of stagnation.</p> 2022-09-03T13:56:46+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 The Journal of Management Theory and Practice (JMTP) Do age and size of companies affect female directors on boardrooms? 2022-09-10T16:06:56+00:00 Adamu Idris Adamu Usman Adamu Abubakar Abdulateef Yunusa <p>Gender diversity on boards is one of the attributes of good corporate governance practices. Male directors over the years have continued to dominate boards of corporate bodies. Our study is aimed at exploring the impact of older and matured companies on female directors on the boards. The study employs data of companies listed on the main floor of the Nigerian Stock Market from 2012-2016. The study segregated the sampling period into pre and post mandatory periods of the SEC code. Findings from the study revealed that throughout the periods, age of company is positive and significant. In the pre mandatory period, size of company is negatively significant. During the post mandatory and the entire sample period, size of company was found to be positively associated with female directors. This implies that fear of greater liabilities from the oversight body and public outrage have encouraged larger companies to have divergent boards in terms of gender.</p> 2022-09-03T16:11:33+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 The Journal of Management Theory and Practice (JMTP) Empowering Islamic Social Finance to Reduce the Burden of Covid-19 Destitute: Evidence from Malaysia 2022-09-10T16:07:47+00:00 Md Habibur Rahman Muhammad Izzat Izzuddin <p>This study intends to explore the role of Islamic social finance initiatives to support COVID-19 destitute in Malaysia. Like everywhere in the world, COVID-19 has left adverse impacts on businesses and individuals in Malaysia. This study explores the role of zakat, waqf, government policies, fintech, Takaful, Sukuk, micro-financing, and Islamic banking to strengthen the impact of Islamic social finance. This is an explorative study, and data are collected from research articles, online newspapers, websites, and other relevant sources. The study found that various stakeholders in Malaysia, including government, zakat agencies, and non-governmental organizations, made substantial contributions by empowering Islamic social finance to reduce the burden of the current pandemic. Besides, by exploring the sources, the study discovered that Islamic banks played a significant role in supporting COVID-19 destitute through Islamic social finance. The study concludes that various components of Islamic social finance have a great potential to combat any emergency like a pandemic in Malaysia and elsewhere. It recommends Islamic social finance can be further enhanced with the help of diverse applications of fintech, such as blockchain technology, e-wallet, digital platform, and so forth.</p> 2022-09-07T15:25:48+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 The Journal of Management Theory and Practice (JMTP) Cash Waqf-Based Crowdfunding Model for Empowering Single Mother Entrepreneurs in Malaysia 2022-09-10T16:08:18+00:00 Farah Adlina Ahmad Jamaluddin Nur Syahirah Mohammad Nasir Muhammad Shahrul Ifwat Ishak <p><span lang="EN-GB">This paper aims to explore the potential of&nbsp;cash <em>waqf</em>-based crowdfunding as a source to obtain funds for single mother entrepreneurs. It has been discovered that single mothers are physically, emotionally, and financially struggling to support their lives and perhaps their families</span><span lang="EN-GB">. </span><span lang="EN-GB">Based on the library research, this study applies the inductive approach and descriptive method in analysing with related works of literature. </span><span lang="EN-GB">The finding acknowledges that crowdfunding is frequently argued as a viable alternative to traditional financial institutions. Nevertheless, this approach appears to be different for single mother entrepreneurs, also known as micro-enterprises, because the majority of them lack training, skills and management for attracting investors to support their business. As a result, the findings proposed a unique model of cash <em>waqf</em>-based crowdfunding fund for single mother entrepreneurs.</span> <span lang="EN-GB">Although this study is based on library research, its findings may not be applicable in terms of the theoretical aspects. Meanwhile, it still creates valuable contributions in accordance of developing a practical model of Islamic crowdfunding&nbsp;</span><span lang="EN-GB">particularly cash <em>waqf</em>-based for single mother entrepreneurs in Malaysia. </span><span lang="EN-GB">The special model of Islamic crowdfunding that is proposed by this study can potentially support single mother entrepreneurs, if it is applied to a real platform that may reduce the burden of the government bureaucracy because most of them lack financial constraints. &nbsp;Furthermore, this study expands the potential for the application of cash <em>waqf</em>-based crowdfunding as a practical solution for single mother entrepreneurs in Malaysia. Although Islamic crowdfunding is not a new research topic and applications of Islamic crowdfunding as a tool, empirical studies in this area are still limited, specifically investigating the use of Islamic crowdfunding. Despite the fact that this study is conceptual, it provides a practical model which can be utilised as a crowdfunding tool to empower entrepreneurs, especially single mothers.</span></p> 2022-09-10T03:30:56+00:00 Copyright (c) 2022 The Journal of Management Theory and Practice (JMTP)