Focus and Scope

The editorial welcomes submissions that provide insights into current and key issues in human behaviour in its social and cultural aspects. The journal provides a venue for researchers and practitioners to discuss, pursue, and promote knowledge in emerging and developing areas in language, linguistics, education, literature, communication, law, economy, culture, and politics in the continent of Asia especially in the Nusantara territories e.g. Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and Western New Guinea. Even though we encourage submissions with the focus on Nusantara territories, we also accept papers located in the broader context of Asia as issues in Nusantara are extricably linked with issues from the other parts of Asia.

The scope of JONUS focuses on understanding how people interact and develop as a culture and influence the world around us, especially the Nusantara territories. There is no restriction when it comes to age levels as long as the submissions are within the reach of social sciences. A strong expectation is that authors write clearly and accessibly for the multidisciplinary audience of this journal.