Focus and Scope

Encourage and publish research in the field of Islamic contemporary issues. The term Islamic contemporary is broadly defined. In line with this policy, the Jurnal Islam dan Masyarakat Kontemporari (JIMK) is comitted with the publication in all fields of Islamic studies. 

The mission of the Jurnal Islam dan Masyarakat Kontemporari (JIMK) is to encourage scholarly research in Islamic studies and Muslim contemporary issues.  JIMK provides a venue for academics, scholars and researchers to publish current and significant research as well as other publication activities, such as book and article reviews. The specific objectives of the Journal are:

  • To offer a forum for publishing high quality research in Islamic studies.
  • To present new ideas and  findings in Islamic studies and Muslim contemporary issues.
  • To promote greater exchange of information between the various scholars in Islamic studies around the world. It is not limited to Malaysia and the Southeast Asian region.
  • To disseminate cutting-edge research that explores the interrelationship between Islamic studies and Muslim contemporary issues in the following Scope.


The articles can be from any of the following areas:

  • Muslim Theology and Philosophy.
  • Muslim Ethics and Moral.
  • al-Quran and al-Sunnah.
  • Islam Identity.
  • Islam and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).
  • Islam and Cognitive/Natural Science.
  • Islam and Economics.
  • Islam and Political Issues.
  • Islam and Future Studies.
  • Islam and Gender.
  • Islam and Social Sciences (Psychology, Education, Languages, Arts, Law and History).
  • Islam and Spirituality Islam and Other Religions.
  • Islam and Civilization.
  • Islam and Environmental Issues.
  • Islam and Culture.
  • Islam and Human Rights.
  • Islam, Information Technology and Communication.
  • Islam and Middle Eastern Studies.
  • Islam and Minority Muslim.
  • Islam and Contemporary Issues.