Journal of Agrobiotechnology Online publish peer-reviewed original research papers and reviews on basic and applied research, and latest developments in agrobiotechnology and food sciences. It aims at advancing the progress of agricultural sciences, biotechnology and food sciences through the sharing of knowledge and information dissemination via publication worldwide. Articles covering reviews, research papers, short communications either in basic, applied research or the applications of agricultural science, biotechnology and food science are accepted.


Focus and Scope

The comprehensive scope of this Journal embodies (but is not restricted to) the following matrix:

1. Agricultural science  Agronomy, soil science, plant physiology, plant protection, horticulture, genetics, plant breeding, botany, plant taxonomy and systematics, ethnobotany, pesticide science, environmental science, weed science, aquaculture, fisheries and marine science, equine science, animal and veterinary science, animal breeding, animal physiology, bio-resource engineering, agricultural engineering, precision agriculture, agriculture economics, agriculture extension, post-harvest technology, agroforestry, forestry, wood science, plant genetic resources, and herbal science.

2. Biotechnology  Plant tissue culture and its applications: plant transformation, micropropagation, secondary metabolite production, embryo rescue, germplasm conservation; mutagenesis and somaclonal variations; natural product and pharmaceuticals screening, profiling, bioassays and bioassay kit development; microbial molecular biology; microbial biotechnology; microbial diversity; animal cell culture; cell biology; signal transduction; and industrial enzymes.

3. Food science - Food technology, food processing, food microbiology, food safety and quality, food laws and regulations, ingredients and ingredient functionality, functional food, nutraceuticals, product formulation, food chemistry and toxicology, food engineering, food storage and distribution, consumer acceptance of foodstuffs, physical properties of food, and agrochemical residues in food.


Peer Review Process

Peer Review Process

Each submission will go through the following review process:

  • Technical  and content screening
  • Double blind review
  • Revision by author/s if required
  • Editorial screening/decision