A Need for Tuberculosis Infection Control Measures: A Case Series Study in Pakistan

Muhammad K M, Sana R, Rizwan I


Pakistan ranks 5th amongst six high burden countries, that account for major load of tuberculosis in the world. Transmission of TB occurs via inhalation of air born droplets and implementation of infection control measures to stop TB may be the solution to minimize the transmission of disease. Aim of this case series report is to establish the importance and necessity of TB infection control implementation among health care workers as well as to house hold contacts of TB patients. A family headed by 59 years old widow heading was observed to serially infect her households with TB. After taking informed consent, a semi structured questionnaire was used to gather information from infected patients and a comprehensive interview was taken from head of family. A total eight out of thirteen household were infected with TB till now. All the factors related to TB transmission were present in the house though no infection control measure was observed among all household contacts further they lack knowledge about transmission of deadly disease. In conclusion lessons must be reaped from such incidences at its earliest. Successful pilots and innovates should play their leading role to scale up national guidelines in promoting and implanting infection control policy.

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