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Rohaizan Baru, Majid Muhammad Abduh


This article tries to forward the debates on the legality of mutaah marriage which is also known as contract marriage from the perspectives of Ahl al-Sunah wa al-Jamaah and al-Syiah al-Imamiah. In doing so, not only the definition of mutaah marriage given by Ahlal-Sunnah wa al-Jamaah, Shiite and Ibadhiyyah will be brought to discussions, but also arguments forwarded by each group in supporting their opinion together with the academic analysis on them. In addition, several confusions that appearin relation to this issue will also be tabled. At the end, the most accurate and firm rules; which will be decided based on the tabled evidences and analysis will be determined.

Keywords: Mutaah marriage; al-Syiah al-Imamiah; Ahl al-Sunah wa al-Jamaah

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