Amalan Pemberian Mas Kahwin di Malaysia

Z:unta Mohd Yusoff


Islam as a way of lifeoften emphasizes marital issues. Islam asks Muslims to appreciate their spouse by performing good akhlaq towards them. Allah subhanah wata'ala asks husbands to spend money or give gifts to their wives. This kind of gift, known as mahar, is compulsory to all husbands only once during the marriage. A problem arises when some people in our society demand a very high rate of mahar and this becomes a burden to men. Islam never tells the Muslims to demand a very high rate of mahar because it will become a problem to the society and ummah. For example, a man who wants to marry a woman may have to postpone or even cancel the marriage because he doesn't has enough money for mahar.In addition, the family may feel boastful (riya')because they received much money for their daughter's marriage. This article will discuss maharfrom an Islamic perspective and also its application in Malaysia.

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