Edible Bitter Mushroom from Besut, Malaysia

Nor Asiah Awang, Abdul Manaf Ali, Mahmoud Dogara Abdulrahman, Nashriyah Mat


To current, the edible bitter mushroom that available in Besut known with the only name kulat gelam. Whether in Terengganu or Kelantan, the mushroom that provides bitter taste will be obtained in certain season especially raining season in habitat of gelam trees. However, people from communities in Besut, Terengganu and some from Kelantan called the name of pokok gelam to different species of trees. In Besut, the trees were referred to Acacia mangium while in Kelantan they referred to Melaleuca cajuputi. Even in Malaysian rain forest, there was found the tree that related to the gelam name, that is gelam bukit tree from the species of Leptospermum from Fagaceae family. Through this research, we found the ectomychorrizal relationship between the bitter mushrooms in Besut area with the gelam tree, Acacia mangium. The nomination of this bitter mushroom was well-matched with the possible details accounts and found it significance to the name of Tylopilus felleus (Bull.) Karst., from Boletaceae family and some synonyms. A simple experiment done to obtain the pH value of fresh juice found at pH 5, while the moisture content was 91.38 % and ethanolic extraction produced 26.09 % of yield.  Some identified macroscopic characters of the species had been recorded and the specimen deposited in herbarium.


Bitter mushroom, kulat gelam, Acacia mangium, ectomychorrizal

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