Identification of SSR Markers for Genetic Purity Testing in Waxy Corn F1 Hybrid Seeds

  • Nurul Fatini Saiful-Lazim
  • Siti Nabila Rahmat
  • Mohd Fahmi Abu Bakar
  • Nur Fatihah Hasan Nudin


Genetic purity is a must for the commercialization of any hybrid seeds. In order to identify a pure hybrid, morphological evaluation of seeds from grow-out-test is mandatory in Malaysia, however, the procedure is time- and money-consuming. This study aimed to identify suitable SSR markers for assessing the genetic purity of F1 hybrid seeds in waxy corn (Zea mays L. var. ceratina). Genomic DNA of ten waxy corn hybrids along with their parental lines and three commercial hybrids was extracted from seeds using DNeasy Plant Mini Kit. Ten SSR primers (umc2366, bnlg2181, bnlg2162, umc1005, phi011, umc1196, umc2077, phi112, umc1153 and bnlg381) were screened by PCR amplification, and only one primer (bnlg381) produced complementary banding pattern of both parental lines, which made a way to identify the hybrid. The bnlg381 amplified DNA band at 300bp in the female parent BELLA 1-8 and at 200bp in the male parent BELLA 1-7. The hybrid BELLA 1-8 x BELLA 1-7 has both DNA bands from its parents at 300bp and 200bp, confirming the genetic purity of this hybrid seed. The hybrid seed industry will benefit greatly from the SSR marker identified in this study, which will enable a cheaper and efficient selection of parental lines and evaluation of hybrid seeds in waxy corn breeding programs.

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Nurul Fatini Saiful-Lazim, Siti Nabila Rahmat, Mohd Fahmi Abu Bakar, & Nur Fatihah Hasan Nudin. (2024). Identification of SSR Markers for Genetic Purity Testing in Waxy Corn F1 Hybrid Seeds. Journal Of Agrobiotechnology, 15(S1), 25-33.