Author Guidelines

Authors should submit their papers in the correct format and meet the requirements. The paper will then enter the review process. This can prevent unnecessary delays in the publication process. The Editor reserves the right to reject or return a manuscript which is not prepared according to the guidelines.

To make successful submission, the following information should be provided:

i. Full paper (without the author’s personal information, to facilitate the blind review process)

ii. A separate tittle page with the full tittle of paper, author’s affiliation, email address and institutional addresss

iii. Full-length paper should not be more than 10 000 words (around 12-15 pages)

iv. Abstract (200-250 words)

v. Keywords (3-5 keywords)

vi. Full-length research paper should be divided into Abstract, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results, Discussion or Results and Discussion, Conclussion, Acknowledgements and References

vii. Full-length paper should be in Microsoft Word, should conform to APA Style, 1.5 spacing and 12 point type Times New Roman.  

Download : (Author’s Guidelines)