Author Guideline

Authors are strongly advised to prepare the paper as the following guidelines otherwise it will be desk-rejected. Please note that JMTP only accept paper written in English version. Please avoid any slang or unethical terms that could offend a third party.

  • Manuscript should not be less than 3,000 words (including references) and not be more than 10,000 words (excluding references)
  • The paper should be written in English version
  • The title of the manuscript should be written in 10 to 20 words.
  • The authors should be not more than 5 authors. All authors have to mention their contribution in the manuscript
  • Manuscript should be submitted in Microsoft Word (.docx)
  • Abstract should be strictly written within 300 words under the following subheadings.
  • Papers submitted JMTP should not be under consideration elsewhere
  • JMTP retains the right to electronically disseminate the accepted manuscript but the author will retain copyright
  • The Editorial Board reserves the right to make editorial changes to any manuscript accepted for publication to enhance clarity and format.

In general, the content of the manuscript should include:

  1. Title (short, precise, and descriptive)
  2. Author(s)’ name(s)
  3. Full address of the affiliation of each author
  4. Telephone number, fax, and e-mail addresses of each author
  5. Abstract (150 - 300 words)
  6. Keywords (5-7 specific keywords)


  • Purpose of the study. Explain the aim of the study and state the problem statement of the study
  • Methodology. Stated the sampling method being used, target population, sample size determination, questionnaire, statistical method, software and type of tools. No discussion and explanation.
  • Findings. Write the main result. No discussion.
  • Discussion and Conclusion. Stated the future research, discuss the main result and explain the future research
  • Novelty/originality of this study. Write the contribution and significance of the study

Manuscript Preparation


All submitted manuscripts must be original work that has not been published in another form such as another journal, magazine, or book chapter. Moreover, by submitting a manuscript for consideration by a JMTP publication, the author agrees to refrain from submitting the manuscript elsewhere until an editorial decision has been made. The paper should include introduction (objective, questions, problem statement and background of the study), literature review (hypothesis development, underpinning theory, operational definition, theoretical framework), methodology (target population, sample size determination, sampling technique, sampling procedure and methods), findings (qualitative or quantitative) and discussion and conclusion, acknowledgement, and references.

JMTP accepts submissions only through our online article submission system. To submit a manuscript, an author must upload it to the online system and complete the required journal’s registration. We do not require any specific style or format for an initial submission. However, a condition for final acceptance of an article is that it conforms to the stylistic and mechanical specifications described below. This means that all exhibits must properly formatted and underlying data for all charts and tables must be provided.


Content Organization

Introductory Paragraphs

Please write strong introductory paragraphs for the main text of an article. The introductory material is an important part of an article. It serves three critical functions. First, it serves as a complement to the abstract at the start of the article. Although an abstract is presented right before its associated article, a reader will not necessarily have read the abstract before reading the main text.

Second, like the abstract, the introductory material allows an author to communicate the key points of his or her article. This is important because busy investment professionals suffer numerous interruptions and distractions. Therefore, an article’s introductory material should describe the article’s main points and briefly explain the reasoning or analysis that supports them. The introductory material should explain why the findings, results, or conclusions are important and how they add to prior research in the area. If applicable, the introductory material should convey how an investment professional can use the findings, results, or conclusions in a practical way. Lastly, the introductory material in the main text should tease the reader’s curiosity.



Articles in JMTP publications can have multi levels of headings. Top-level headings appear in bold uppercase. The next level of sub-headings is bold and italic. These template guidelines use the heading structure for articles. To assist the copyediting and typesetting process, please use headings formatted in those ways.



End the main text of an article with a short conclusion that briefly summarizes the article’s main point. The conclusion may resemble the article’s abstract, though it need not omit references and technical terms used in the article.



The acknowledgement is optional and comes at the end of an article after the conclusions and before the references.



References (use APA 7th edition). Don’t put extra references which are not cited in the text. Editorial board suggest Grammarly, Mendeley, and Zotero while preparing a good quality of manuscript


Reference to a Book publication:

Ullman, J. B., & Bentler, P. M. (2003). Structural equation modeling. Handbook of psychology, 607-634.

Acock, A. C. (2013). Discovering structural equation modeling using Stata. Stata Press books.

Grace, J. B. (2006). Structural equation modeling and natural systems. Cambridge University Press.

Kline, R. B. (2015). Principles and practice of structural equation modeling. Guilford publications.

 Reference to a Journal Publication:

Ashraf, M. A., Alam, M. M. D., & Alexa, L. (2021). Making decision with an alternative mind-set: Predicting entrepreneurial intention toward f-commerce in a cross-country context. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 60 doi:10.1016/j.jretconser.2021.102475

Afthanorhan, A., Mamun, A. A., Zainol, N. R., Foziah, H., & Awang, Z. (2020). Framing the retirement planning behavior model towards sustainable wellbeing among youth: The moderating effect of public profiles. Sustainability (Switzerland), 12(21), 1-24. doi:10.3390/su12218879

Abadi, B., Mahdavian, S., & Fattahi, F. (2021). The waste management of fruit and vegetable in wholesale markets: Intention and behavior analysis using path analysis. Journal of Cleaner Production, 279 doi:10.1016/j.jclepro.2020.123802

Nasir, A., Farooq, U., & Khan, A. (2021). Conceptual and influential structure of takaful literature: A bibliometric review. International Journal of Islamic and Middle Eastern Finance and Management, doi:10.1108/IMEFM-04-2020-0192

*Note: The paper should make significant contributions to academic world.


Manuscript Preparation for Methodology

Manuscript using quantitative methods:

Please note that The Journal of Management Theory and Practice (JMTP) requires that:

  • A list of measurement items being used in the study by showing the mean, standard deviation, standard error, skewness and kurtosis as part of the data screening. There are many statistical techniques have assumptions and the reviewers need to know how the data can satisfy these requirements.
  • Structural Equation Modeling become one of the prominent technique and therefore the reviewers need to know how the authors deal with the normality assumption and also explain the statistical procedures.
  • The sample size determination should be taken seriously.


Manuscript using qualitative methods:

 Please note that The Journal of Management Theory and Practice (JMTP) requires that:

  • A clear justification on how the prospective respondents were selected in the study
  • A clear statement about the research paradigm adopted by the researcher. The researcher also can explain qualitative approach applied in the study
  • The researcher need to provide statements to how the credibility of interpretation was tested


Submission Declaration, Ethics and Malpractice Statement

  • The submitted paper has not been previously published, nor is it before another journal for consideration
  • The papers should not have been published in any other languages before.
  • The submitted paper should not have similarity over 20% with other published documents.
  • Please prepare your manuscript in Microsoft Word and submit it through our system journal. The text must be in single-column format.


Journal Template

The paper must have significant contribution to academic world and author may be requested to state the contribution of the paper in separate sheet on the time of submission.


Paper Submission Guideline