Does the paper relate a cohesive argument? Are the ideas clearly presented?
Paper Content
Does the paper fully corresponds to the Journal's scopes and matches its key point?
Paper Title
Does the title reflects the content and purpose of the research?
Does the abstract includes important information for understanding the content of the paper?
Does the introduction clearly defines the purpose and objective of the work/research?
Literature Review
Does the worked out a review of previous research in the treated area?
  • The method is written clearly, so then other researchers can replicate the experiment or research with the same result;
  • Not only describe the definition of terms but also describe how to conduct the research;
  • Describe the location, participant, research instrument, and data analysis;
Result and discussion
  • The data presented has been processed (not raw data) into a table or figure and given a supportive description which easy to follow.
  • The result related to the original questions or objectives outlined in the Introduction section.
  • The author describes the result of the study consistent with what other investigators have reported or there any differences.
  • The author provides interpretation scientifically for each of the results or findings presented.
  • The author describes the implications of the research.
  • The author describes the limitations of the research or drawbacks to the method or position.
  • The author describes further need/areas for research or expansion of ideas.
Does the paper consits of discussion, conclusion, recommendation, implication to the theory and practice, future research and Limitation of the study?
Paper Format
Does the paper comply the Instructions for authors?
Does the Figures, tables and pictures are corresponding with the text?
Does the terminology and measurement units are aligned with the metrology rules
Does the references reflect the topicality of the article?
Does the references are cited as directed by (APA system)?
Article Language
Does the article is written in standard language, relevant and interesting?