The Impact of Physical Evidence in Service Delivering as Marketing Tools that Foreseen Profitability for Private Universities in Nigeria

  • Maryam Yusuf Unisza
  • Norhilmi Muhammad PPT, UniSZA
  • Ibrahim Yahaya Suleiman


This study aimed to analyze the influence of physical evidence in service marketing mix and how it reflect on it profitability and won the market share among their competitors, it also highlight how physical evidence reflects on service quality and students satisfaction in Nigerian private Universities. This study took 20 universities as samples with a stratified random sampling. 500 questionnaires were used for the research purpose, were each university was given 25 questionnaires.  The results Agreed with hypothesis one (HI) variables  that said that physical evidence is significantly associated with market share of private university, while its disagree with the (H0 )that said physical evidence is not significantly associated with the market share of the private universities, the research also agreed on the second (HI) physical evidence is significantly associated with profitability of the private universities in Nigeria (H0)  This research disagreed with the null hypothesis that physical evidence is not associated with the profitability of the private Universities in Nigeria and the success of every private university is to satisfy the need and want of their student, which is being achieved through service quality that had strong influence on students’ satisfaction in Nigerian private Universities. Physical evidence had significant influence in service marketing and service quality had significant influence on student’s satisfaction.


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